Hostess on a yacht in Croatia

Hostess job on a yacht in Croatia. Work with the best view in Croatia. Be surrounded by the sun, sea and wind. Sail to beautiful bays and islands in Croatia.


Hostess job on a yacht in Croatia!
Hostess job on a yacht in Croatia is becoming more and more popular every year. With bigger yachts, catamarans and sailboats the demand of the hostess on a yacht is bigger and bigger. The guests often beside the skipper ask for a hostess as a second crew member on board. Some of the bigger yachts even need two official crew members, where hostess job come in quite handy.
Hostess on a yacht is usually asked from the 'more wealthy' guests that don't want to have any worry or organization issues for their holiday.

Hostess on a yacht usually is combined with our professional skipper service, but can also be combined with guest skipper. In case that hostess is with the guest skipper on a yacht, she is also responsible for organizing the route. All of these skills we go through our course 'Become a hostess on a yacht in Croatia'.

What does the Hostess on a yacht do?:

  • Provisioning
  • Preparing and serving the breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • Keeping the kitchen tidy and clean
  • Keeping the cabins and heads/toilets nice and tidy
  • Assisting the skipper with anchoring and mooring
  • Organizing the route, dinner and excursion reservations if needed

Hostess job on a yacht in Croatia!

Notice: For hostess job on the bigger yachts it is necessary to get the Licence of B category from the Ministry of maritime law in Croatia

Join our course 'Become a a hostess on a yacht in Croatia', have fun and work the job with the best view. Apply to our course here.

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